Franklin Election Results, How These Effect FHS Students

Alicia Kutil

For most FHS students yesterday was just another relaxing day off from school, however for others they anxiously awaited as their parents, friends, aunts, or uncles ran for the town elections.

Here are the results.

TOWN CLERK- Debbie Pellegri

TOWN COUNCIL- Glenn Jones, Matthew Kelly, Judith Pond Pfeffer, Tina Powderly, Robert Vallee, Andrew Bissanti, Robert Dellorco, Thomas Mercer and Jeffrey Roy

SCHOOL COMMITTEE- Cynthia Douglas, Paula Mullen, Susan Rohrbach, Roberta Trahan, Sean Donahue, Dr. John Jewell, and Pamela McIntyre.
BOARD OF HEALTH- Donald Ranieri Jr., and Philip Brunelli
CONSTABLE- Philip Brunelli, Richard Delfino and Robert Jarvis
Well I am sure many of you are saying…who really cares!? But a lot of these people have a huge effect on your everyday school life. For one the school committee thinks of all the new ideas and pretty much make all the decisions (along with the superintendent). They provide oversight to the entire schools systems here in Franklin. If something is to be changed or fixed, the school committee are usually the people that deal with it first.
These group of people some who kept their chairs and some who are new to the chairs all have a major impact on your life because they make most of the town and public school decisions.