Major Scandal At Penn State Leads To Firing Of Coach Joe Paterno

Corey Flynn

A major sex scandal has come forward at Penn State University regarding a former coach Jerry Sandusky.  Sandusky has been accused of sexually abusing 8 boys while he was coaching and after he retired. He had been indicted on 40 counts which include inappropriate touching and statutory rape. He targeted boys over the age of 15. Also former athletic director Tim Curley and vice president of business and finance Gary Schultz both resigned from Penn State. They were brought in on perjury charges for saying they did not know about the abuse.

This will lead to the firing of legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno. Paterno has more victories than any other college football coach. No one is sure when he will be officially let go but he definitely will not be coaching another season. He is in his 46th season as head coach of Penn state and has brought their football program to a prestigious level. Unfortunately at the age of 84 his legendary coaching career will come to an end in a bad way. Hopefully people will remember what he did for Penn State and not for how he went out.