Nuclear Bomb, Possibly Being Built in Iran; How Do We Avoid Panic?

Molly Bond

A watchman for the United Nations reported recently that Iranian scientists may be continuing the production of a nuclear bomb.

This production began in 1998, but the program abruptly stopped in 2003 for reasons unknown to the public. The watchman reported that this activity “may still be ongoing.”

Despite the the fact that this event has not been confirmed, what would this mean for us, as Americans, students, or people in general, if this actually were to occur? What could we do?

As Americans, we need to avoid panic, and have faith in our government. Even though some citizens do not support our country’s administration or the war we are currently in, for that matter, as a part of the American people, we need to access our inner patriot.

As students, our work is pretty much cut out for us, with the Support Our Troops program going on right now. Each student needs to channel the selflessness buried within them in order to assist those men and women risking their lives everyday for us.

As an American people, we all need to unite as one in order to avoid a widespread panic as the event either commences in Iran, or goes forth as nothing but a rumor. In any case, America a nation is sadly divided in many ways, which absolutely must change if we want to avoid a disastrous panic.

In order to avoid a mass breakout of panic, the US people need to come together as one.