Occupy Day of Action

Rachita Chaudhury

It has already been 2 months since the beginning of the “Occupy” movements across the country and organizers are pushing for today to be a “day of action”. These could be the largest demonstrations yet.

This does not call for violence, but simply crowding busy parts of the cities. In New York City protesters have planned to gather at the subways, Foley Square (across from City Hall) and march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Police are prepared to deal with anyone who is not protesting peacefully and enters a building that they are not allowed in. Many people have been arrested over the past couple months for drug use and other illegal activities, but hopefully the protesters will keep it clean today.

In Portland, Oregon people are planning on shutting down the banks. In Boston and Minneapolis events are planned as well. The occupy movements have even spread internationally.

How far away is progress? When will these protesters be satisfied? If after 2 months there is already a day of action, we can’t imagine what could happen after 6 months.