7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Granted Wish

Nicole Morelli

7-year-old, Maxwell Hinton, is a cancer patient who was recently granted his ultimate wish: to blow up a building.

Hinton has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that forms in your nerve tissue and affects mostly infants and children. Thanks to Make-A-Wish Foundation, Hinton was recently granted his wish. He was allowed to push the detonator button that blew up an old grain mill in Huron, Ohio.

Hinton tells how he got his passion for explosions through television.

“I watch ‘MythBusters’ and they inspired me to blow a building up,” Hinton explained.

After the explosion and the dust had settled down the only thing Hinton had to say was he had a great time. According to the Huffington Post stated that Hinton has undergone treatment and is currently recovering from his conditions. Hinton had always dreamed about playing with explosives, but he never imaged his dreams would come true.