Teachers Working Without Pay

Corey Flynn

The Chester Upland School District in Chester,PAis facing some financial hardships right now and cannot afford to pay its teachers.

 The teachers said that they will still continue to work and educate the students. Philly.com quoted the teachers saying “as long as we are individually able.”

 For 2011-2012 the Gov. Tom Corbett approved an $8,445,302 budget cut for the school district. State Education Secretary Ron Tomalis said that the board mismanaged their money and will not provide any more funds.

 Last fall before school started the Chester Community School District got ride of 40 percent of their staff and half of their supporting staff, leaving normal classroom sizes to be in the 40’s.

 Their district also has no superintendent, only an assistant superintendent who was hired for $800 a day in November. The previous superintendent and assistant superintendent were laid off in December with their annual salaries totaling $360,000.

 Unless somehow they get a lot of help from the state or from someone it looks like these schools will not last. Teachers can only work for so long without pay because they have to survive too.

 It’s pretty ridiculous that it has gotten to the point where the school district can no longer afford to pay their teachers. Someone has to be held accountable in this situation and they need to find a way to pay these teachers and keep the school going.

 Its too bad that they have to make budget cuts for poorer communities, you think it would be the opposite way since they need the money more than anyone else.