Jordan MacLean

The anti-piracy bills, Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act also known as SOPA and PIPA were sent a loud message yesterday as international online blackout took place to protest.

75,000 websites such as Tumblr, took part in the blackout on January 18, Fight for the Future reports. Wikipedia reports that 162 million people viewed the blackout landing page. There were 8 million U.S visitors that looked up Congress representatives and 12,000 people posted comments on the Wikimedia Foundation blog post that announced the blackout.

Google confirmed that 4.5 million people worldwide signed the online petition to protest SOPA and PIPA. 350,000 emails were sent to members of Congress via and Twitter also reported that 2.4 tweets were SOPA related between 12 am and 4 pm on Wednesday. The top five things being mentioned in tweets were SOPA, Stop SOPA, PIPA, Tell Congress and #factswithoutwikipedia.

A combined 103,785 signed a petition to kill the bill according to the White House. 24 U.S Senators have come out against the bills. SOPA and PIPA continue to lose supporters and internet protesters have vowed that this is the beginning of many protest to come.