Senior Shirts Anyone?

The shirts from left to right are #1, #2 and #3.

The shirts from left to right are #1, #2 and #3.

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

Want a creative way to remember senior year, what is better than a funky tee shirt you can bring with you where ever you go after high school. Franklin High’s Deca classes have designed tee shirts for sale.

The Deca students have worked hard to design these in their class time. They created about six different designs then had the seniors vote during lunch. They then took the feedback from that and picked the top three.  Those three were being sold the past few weeks during lunch in the Deca lounge.

Shirt number one is an affordable $12. It is a baby blue color and says class of 2013 with a big paw print on the front side. On the back side it says panthers across the top and then a large 13 with a small panther walking across the bottom of the three.

Shirt number two is just three more dollars more, so $15. A baby blue and royal blue tied dye shirt that says Franklin seniors 2013 on the front and on the back creatively says goodbye with a 13 for the B.

Finally shirt number three is slightly more expensive at $25 dollars because of the intricate design. This shirt is tie dyed with American flag colors. On the front a big panther is on the left side and on the right it says FHS seniors. On the backside it says dream team across the top and has the number 13 largely printed.

Although sales are closed for now, they will reopen in no time. Next time, when these shirts come on sale do not miss out on the offers.

“The senior shirts are ‘boyish’ and I don’t really like them”, Sara Miller says as her opinion on the shirts.

“I mean I like them but they are a bit expensive, I do not think there is a point to buying them for that much money when we are only going to wear them this year,” Andrew Cyr, speaks his thoughts on the shirts.

Not just negative things have been said about the senior shirts, positive things as well.

“I like the shirts and I think the tie dye is funky. If all the seniors were to purchase them, they will look so good,” Alicia Kutil’s opinion on our senior shirts.
“To ensure that we do not lose profit we have been taking pre-orders for shirts throughout the month of October. So we will order their shirts, but extras will not be available. In a couple of weeks we will have a second round of orders for those who missed the first order,” Tim Curley, senior in Deca.

What shirt(s) do you like the best?


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