Final Stretch of Senior Year

Samantha Stratton

Seniors we have finally made it to the final 5 weeks of high school!

With only 5 weeks left of school there is so much to look forward too! Senior week is just around the corner, June 3rd through June 7th, with the 7th being graduation! Seniors receive their caps and gowns on May 31st along with the yearbooks!

Most students have already decided on what they want to do next year and are just one step closer to starting whatever they want to do. Caroline Hurley, senior, “I am really excited to graduate, im already out of school for senior project but I still dont really feel like im done with high school. Its exciting but also really scary.”

This last month or so of school is going to fly by just like the rest of the year. Junior Prom is also this upcoming Friday  many seniors this year will be attending.

The senior class this year has about 403 students in total. That means that the graduation ceremony is going to be somewhat longer than the past years when they had smaller class sizes. Even after graduation is over there still is the all night party! It is the last thing that us as a class will have to celebrate with each other!

Congratulations seniors we made it!