Decision Day

Eric Cohen

May 1st, the day you decide your future.

The Day is here, May 1st is the day that seniors all over the country have to make the decision of which college they are going to attend in the fall.

This means they have to have made a choice and their deposit must be in, securing a spot in the class of 2018 at the school of their choice.

With this day comes great relief for most. Seniors have been working hard all year. They have spent their year going on college visits, writing applications, and researching colleges, all while trying to keep their studies up and make sure they graduate.

When this day finally comes it means a lot to students. It means that it’s all over. They have accomplished everything. They got the applications in, they did their visits, they got their responses, and finally they made their decision. All the stress is taken off their shoulders.

This is the day that their high school career truly ends. They have accomplished the goal of high school, they are enrolled into college. On this day seniors stop thinking about high school and start thinking about their future.

One student Kendall Trenchard told us her decision.

“I am going to Quinnipiac UniversityKendall told us.

When asked if she cared about the work she was doing for the remainder of high school she said,

“No not really.” Trenchard announced.

She like others are excited and ready to move and begin the rest of their lives.

Students are also encouraged to wear their college shirts tomorrow to let everyone know their decision and celebrate with one another.