Senior Week Changes

Samantha Socha, Writer

The Six Flag senior week trip is not happening this year for Franklin High School seniors.

Class treasurer Margaret Hardin explained that “our current senior week activity list is the senior boat cruise, a trip to Kimball Farms, a food truck catered field day, senior breakfast, graduation, and the all-night party. It should be super exciting and fun!”

However many students noticed the absence of the Six Flags senior trip that has been done in the past.

When news broke that Six Flags was off the list, senior Cam Bean said “it is disappointing because the grades ahead of us have gone to Six Flags and we don’t, so I feel cheated.”

Another senior Nolan Long said he would “Take Six Flags over Kimballs any day.”

When asked about the Six Flags trip Meg said “The reason that we chose not to book a trip to Six Flags was that there had been negative feedback from the group that went last year. We did not cancel the event, but rather decided to have a Field Day/Cook Out instead.”

Meg further explained that the field day “Will be catered by an array of food trucks and there will be music and bouncy houses.”

Even though some students are disappointed, senior Courtney McGuiness said, “The cruise is the biggest thing the seniors look forward to.”