Another Chapter of the Winter Classic Rivalry unfolds in Round 2

On Monday the Boston Bruins solidified their place in the second round of the Stanley cup playoffs with a strong 4-3 win over the Buffalo Sabers in game 6 of the series. As luck would have it the Bruins fans will get to see a continuation of the Winter Classic rivalry as the Philadelphia Flyers are now scheduled to play them in the second round in light of Montreal’s win over the Capitals in game 7 of their first round series.

The rivalry between the two teams stems from the similar playing styles of both organizations, focusing on Defensive play and the strength of their goal tending.

The Flyers are looked at as more of the underdogs due to the amount of injuries that they have sustained late in the season and even in the first round of the playoffs.

The Flyers have lost note-able star players such as both their starting goalies (R. Emery and M.Leighton) along with two dominant offensive players in (S. Gange and J. Carter).

The Bruins however are not without injuries as well, most notable of which has been their star player Marc Savard who has been out since early March after suffering a Grade 2 concussion in a Pittsburgh/Boston game.

With the Flyers thinking about the overtime loss that cost them the Winter Classic they will have revenge on their mind and it should make for an excitement-packed series.