Hockomock Expansion

Connor Donahue

In the years to come the Hockomock conference in which our proud Panthers play in, is looking to expand to a twelve team league. Adding in Attleboro this year to the mix added tough competition and the tenth team to the league. After this deal was finalized the idea that the league would expand more was not out of the question.

Trying to find the right, stable, school was the difficult part for the Hockomock administrators. After much deliberation the committee has chosen to invite both Milford and Taunton High School to take the eleventh and twelfth spot in the conference. If the two schools accept the offer they will start their new league in the 2012-2013  seasons.

The goal in inviting the new teams to participate in our league was to ease out the schedule. The 5 and 5 divisions weren’t bad or difficult, but by moving the league to a twelve team system the multi-game teams like Soccer, Lacrosse, or Basketball would have a better, more even season. Playing each division team twice and other division team once would provide an even 20 game season for every school.

Ideas and goals are still up in the air at this point, but all we know is that Milford and Taunton have been offered. It is just a matter of time before the deal is finalized and the league expands again.