Sean McKeown


The Ultimate Fighting Championship is holding the next big fight night tonight at 9 PM.


The two biggest fights on the card are:


Jon “Bones” Jones vs. Quinton “Rampage”Jackson


Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck


This is the first time the UFC has returned to the “mile-high city”Denver,Coloradosince the very first ever UFC. Jon Jones is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and his title will be on the line against a former champion Rampage Jackson. Also, Matt Hughes and Josh Koscheck are looking to prove themselves after coming off of losses in their last fights.


My analysis:


Jones(w) vs. Rampage:


Attributes that put Jones as the winner are his superior all-around fighting skills. He is skilled in Muay Thai boxing and the fact that he has the longest wingspan in the UFC makes him way more dangerous. If he finds the right distance then you can guarantee that Rampage will have a hard time on his feet. Also, Jones is a much better grappler. His long limbs will once again make him dangerous and allow him ease in hunting for submissions.


The only way I can see Rampage winning is if he can get in close enough for a knock-out shot on Jones. Rampage has a lot of power behind each shot. He also has skilled wrestling ability and if he can get a takedown then he may be able to pound on Jones’ face.


Hughes(w) vs. Koscheck:


I think these athletes are very similar in terms of strengths. Both of them have a skilled wrestling background. Matt Hughes does have more experience. He has one of the most impressive records in the UFC at 46-8-0. Matt does seem to be better at each of their common strengths than Koscheck. The only thing I see on Koscheck’s side is his youth.