Field Hockey, Still Undefeated

The Franklin High School varsity field hockey team overwhelmed  Mansfield at yesterday’s game at Beaver Pond, continuing Franklin’s outstanding undefeated record.

Three goals were scored by sophomore Kelly Dubowski, and one by senior Captain Katy Cronin, who later in the game slid into the goal on her hands and knees, and needed to be subbed out. There was another necessary substitution for Franklin after junior Kaitlyn Spillane separated her shoulder. Spillane refused an ambulance, but at halftime needed to be brought to the hospital.

Despite the girls’ impressive record (versus Mansfield’s record of 3-1-2), the team had not been too sure of itself prior to the game. “I feel very nervous,” said sophomore Marta Versprille. From a coach’s perspective, though, the confidence did not waver. “I feel confident,” said JV coach Kevin Cronin. “There is no reason why both teams shouldn’t win. We’ve both been playing well.”

This certainty proved legitimate as the girls played one of their most intense games so far this season. The animated girls walked off the field after the game, more confident in pursuing the Hock Champs title later this season.