NBA Season Expected to Start Late. Should We Care?

Sean McKeown, Sean McKeown, and Sean McKeown

The NBA lockout is expected to cause the season to start much later this year. It is expected by most players that a season will happen this year but it will be much shorter.

If you ask most fans who watch the Celtics if they want to see the season start on time they might say “Hells yeah!” But if you think about it maybe a late start is actually good for the Celtics.

Think about it… It seems like for the past couple years we have seen the Celtics getting worn out as the season gets longer. Would a shorter season be better for them? It certainly won’t wear on them as much.

Let’s be honest, Boston has an old team. Their guys sure aren’t getting any younger. So as the season continues it might just be more difficult for them to keep going. If the season was made shorter the guys wouldn’t be so tired and could possibly keep up with the young guys through the playoffs.

I know a lot of the die hard fans want to get as much basketball as they can. Like FHS student Tyler Decoster, who is “disappointed that the season will have less games”.

Whether or not the season starts early, basketball fans are upset. Why? Because people don’t want to see and hear all the arguments that probably should be happening behind the scenes. It’s an argument over greed. Everybody wants more money. People understand what is going on, including Kyle Reeder who explains the situation perfectly, “…the whole problem is that players just need more money and that’s the reality in any professional sport is that players wanna be paid more.”

So do we care?