Crowning the Kicker

Karley Newton

Not only did the Ann Arbor, Michigan high school crown its latest homecoming queen at their football game this past Friday night, they crowned their first ever female football kicker as the lucky queen.

This strange coincidence occurred when Brianna Amat became the first girl kicker that the Pinckney Community High School had ever had. Her soccer coach suggested she try out for the position in the fall, as she had incredible kicking skills, but not much speed. After making the team, the eighteen year old senior began to play regularly in all the games, including the big homecoming game.

During half time, she was asked to return to the field, wearing all of her football gear, because she had been voted homecoming queen. She was not wearing a dress like all of the other nominees, but the crown went perfectly with her varsity uniform.

After accepting the crown, Amat was then called onto the field during the third quarter to attempt a 31- yard field goal. Her amazing kick that provided the win for the time earned her the nickname “Kicking Queen”, and proved to be the end to an already memorable night.

Such a great High School victory provides inspiration for female athletes all over the country, especially Franklin High School. Coryrose Le Blanc says “as a fellow female athlete playing a mostly male sport, I really think it’s cool that she won homecoming queen, and the game! It really shows other female athletes that they can achieve their goals if they try.”