Franklin Varsity Volleyball comes back with revenge against Canton

James MacLean


Revenge was on the mind for the Franklin Girls Varsity Volleyball team as they prepared to go head to head against the one team to ruin their otherwise undefeated record. Canton had come in the night of October 13th expecting to see the same team that they beat just a week ago. But Franklin came in and gave it their all. The first match saw consecutive kills by junior Alicia Kutil, and amazing defense by both junior Emily Natal and senior Theresa Urquhart.

Both Kutil and senior captain Alicia Wilde brought more kills in for the second match. Blocks also helped Franklin win the second match by junior Toni Marinella and sophomore Lauren Irvine. Kutil was put out for the third match, leaving Wilde to get the team to their third victory of the night. Both Kutil with 19 kills and Wilde with 11 kills ended the night great.

Coach Davenport tells that, β€œI thought our defense was so much better tonight than the last time we played them.” With both great defense and offense, Franklin was able to win against Canton 3-0. Senior captain Sara Chaffe says that, β€œIt was kind of like a confidence booster to win against a team that beat us last week. It was a head on the right track where we need to be to win our next games.”