Ellsbury is Crowned MLB Comeback Player

catie flaherty

After missing most of last season due to a problem regarding cracked ribs, Jacoby Ellsbury made a remarkable rebound this year despite the troubling Red Sox downfall. He showcased his abilities with some impressive, record statistics; .321 batting average, 32 HR’s, 105 RBI’s, 46 doubles, 5 triples, 119 runs, and 39 stolen bases.

 Ellsbury broke prior precedents by leading Red Sox history with 30 homeruns and stolen bases during the entire lapse of the season. He was number one is major league baseball for the 2011 season with a record high 364 base hits and 83 extra base hits.

 The award for Ellsbury was decided yesterday, October 19, by thirty notable MLB reporters who have strong insight when comparing the best players in the league. He took the award for the American league while the national league title was given to Lance Berkman from the Cardinals.

 Although Ellsbury shined this season, his efforts alone could not mend the Sox’s problems and still led to the worst collapse in baseball history.