NBA Season: To Be Or Not To Be

Many of you already know but if you do not the 2011-12 NBA season has had every game until November 30th has been cancelled with no chance of being played.  NBA commissioner David Stern announced on Friday that there will not be a full NBA season “under any circumstances”.  The entire dispute is based on the fact that the owners want to split the revenue 50-50 but the players want the revenue split 52.5-47.5 which seems like a small amount but if you think about it that is hundreds of millions of dollars being argued over.  To show how determined they were players such as Chris Paul and Theo Ratliff traveled for the discussions.  Derek Fisher said that there were too many restrictions in the owners proposal and that they should just use a CBA like the last one.  Besides the fans being hurt by the lack of the season the arena staff will be out of jobs until this is resolved yet the players will be okay with the average player already making 5.15 million dollars a season.  many fans thought this seasons lockout would be resolved due to the fact that the NFL went through the same process this past off season without losing a single game.