The First To Beat The Best.

Robert Dion

The raw talent, ” the man with hands of steel”, the first to beat the best, Joe Frazier passed away Novemeber 7th after a long battle with cancer. Frazier of his time, was known as “the man to put my rent money on” says 90% of the commenteries about Joe. Most have heard of Mohammed Ali, who was THE greatest of his time, until the ” fight of the century” went down and Frazier took the victory and gave Ali his first loss. Known for his left hook, “smoking joe” as most called him, was an Olympic andUndisputed World Boxing Champion, whose professional career lasted from 1965 to 1976, with a one-fight comeback in 1981.

Joe, after the fight of the century, came back to fight George Foreman who knocked him out giving him a loss. With many other wins and a re-match verse Ali and foreman, he lost both then came back for in 1981 and left boxing with a heart of a lion. He was annonced to be one out of the 10 best undisputed boxing champions of all time. Boxing today is still a big entertainment to the world and all the greatest will be remembered for their actions, I know the legendary “smoking joe” will.