The Return of The Kid: Sidney Crosby

Jack Corsi

Monday night, Sidney Crosby will make finally after a return to the ice after almost a year. Crosby was first injured after hits to the head from Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning and David Steckle of the Washington Capitals. Crosby suffered a concussion and suffered from post concussion symdrome. Crosby will be paired with Chris Kunitz and Pascal Dupuis for his return against the rival Islanders.

Crosby has been atop the NHL in points and goals since being drafted first overall in 2005 by the Penguins. Crosby’s initial injury occured during the NHL’s Winter Classic, when the Penguins faced the Washington Capitals. David Steckle’s hit on Crosby was deabated as a dirty hit, because of the contact sustained to Crobys head. But when viewed by instant replay it is clearly shown there was little contact to Crosby’s head. The concussion problem would resurface after a bone-crushing hit from the young gun Victor Hedman.

But with the return of Crosby, the NHL is once again in the driver seat. They will now be able to market the Penguins and Crosby like they used to. Fans will finally get to see Crosby is playing rather than hearing about him getting checked out by a doctor. Look for Crosby to make an immediate impact on the Penguins line up and on the NHL world. Crosby may be limited in ice time, but little ice time is better than no ice time at all.