Sean Taylor: Never Forget

James MacLean

While the students of FHS prepare to return back to high school after Thanksgiving break, they also remember Sean Taylor. Taylor passed away November 27th after being shot by intruders in his Miami home. He had played for the Redskins after being drafted in the 2004 NFL Draft.

Even though it has been four years, students like junior Tommy Corsi and graduate of FHS David Daubenspeck share their words of remembrance for Taylor. Only being 24 when he had passed away, students can relate to Sean in knowing how much he preserved to make his dream come true in becoming a professional football player. With such a tragic end for a man that had so much going for him, the memory of Taylor says in the eyes of young and old people alike.

Taylor is not the only football player to have died at such a young age, but as today is the day of his passing, Sean will be thought about by all of the NFL and NFL fans around the country.