Turn the Volume Down Joe Buck Is Talking

Jack Corsi

Whats better than listening to a great announcers during a huge game for your own team? Nothing is better than that. But there is one man that people will put on mute during the broadcasts of their teams games. That man goes by the name of Joe Buck, the son of the late Jack Buck. Unlike his father, Joe Buck is not a very likable guy and well just plain annoying. But why do people dislike Buck so much, you may ask.

Joe Buck is a very one sided and biased sportscaster. He believes what he wants to believe and will say what he wants on the air. Most sportscasters usually do not say on air what team they are fans of. But Buck is not one of them, Buck has stated at times teams like the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals were “his teams”. Whats wrong with that though? Well he is a broadcaster for FOX, a national station, with different teams playing weekly.

Many people also think because of who his father was as an announcer, Buck was spoon-fed into the job he got at FOX(myself included). Buck really never had to work for where he was today. He basically rode his father’s coat tails up until he was hired at FOX.

One last thing is inconsistency of Buck’s broadcasts. In many of Buck’s non-Cowboy broadcasts, he has shown very little emotion or interest. If you go back to the “Randy Moss Mooning Incident” during the 2005 playoffs, when the Vikings played the Packers. Buck stated that this was a “disgusting act”, what he failed to mention is how Green Bay fans would “moon” oncoming Vikings buses. Buck will go down in history as one of FOX’s best, but not for what he has done, but what he had inherited because of his name