A Bad Basketball Decision?

Jack Corsi

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Paul has been traded to LA and will team up along side Kobe Bryant. Oh wait, that’s not happening, why you may ask, because David Stern said he made the decision because of “basketball reasons”, as well as a “A bad basketball decision”.

If this is a bad basketball decision, then my question is what about the Carmelo Anthony trade or the Lebron James and Chris Bosh signings (and “The Decision”). Looking at the trade, there was nothing bad about it, and seemed actually very fair.

The trade consisted of the Lakers receiving Chris Paul from New Orleans. The Rockets would receive the Pau Gasol from the Lakers. New Orleans would then receive Lamar Odom from the Lakers, as well as Kevin Martin and Luis Scola from Houston. There’s really nothing wrong with the deal, the Lakers are giving up 2 big guys for a premiere point guard. The Hornets actually are the ones benefiting from the deal the most.

But with this deal being cancelled, what will happen from here? Expect hold outs from Paul and Odom. Odom stated on twitter When a team trades u and it doesn’t go down? Now what?”. Hopefully the NBA will get it right if the deal is revived, and let the deal actually go through. But until then shame on David Stern and the NBA owners