Tyler Seguin, more than a smokin’ hot bod.

Tyler Seguin Highlights

            Most Tyler Seguin fans (teenage girls), support the thriving athlete for his cute smile and hockey bod, little do they know the truly amazing athlete behind the abs.

           Tyler Sequin was drafted into the NHL on August 3rd 2010 as a nineteen year old boy, and was tossed on the Boston Bruins as one of the youngest rookies since Bobby Orr (drafted at 14). Seguin started his first NHL season with minimum playing time, playing his first game on October 9th against the Phoenix Coyotes.


           Playing an expected season, with an average number of goals; Seguin’s young career only became truly  impressive after he was thrown into the core rotation during the Bruins playoffs while filling in for teammate Patrice Bergeron after suffering a mild concussion. In Seguin’s first NHL playoff game he scored a backhanded goal off of a breakaway on theTampa Bay lightning goalie, thus igniting the goal scoring frenzy.

                With a total of 22 regular season points, 11 goals and 11 assists Seguin was clearly a strong player. With his seven playoff points he proved to be a necessity to the Bruins. “The most improved player will be… Tyler Seguin as an impact player for the Boston Bruins as they look to defend their Stanley Cup title. He will play more and get time in critical situations and the Bruins will need that infusion of exuberance and skill that Seguin can supply” –Sports illustrated Magazine.


            In the Current 2011-2012 NHL season, Tyler Seguin has so far been ranked the 28th player in the entire National Hockey League. In 27 games,Seguin has racked up 13 goals and 13 assists with a total of 26 season game points. That’s already four more points than Seguin’s total number of points at the end of last season, out of 80 season games.


           Seguin’s clear signs of improvement were rewarded with a spot as starting right winger this season. A spot well deserved by the Boston Bruins used-to-be rookie, who is still very good looking.

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