The Brad Marchand Suspension: The Hit and Everything After

Jack Corsi

The Canucks strolled into the Garden last week riding high and mighty like they usually do. As we all saw last season in the Stanley Cup Finals, these two teams really do not like eachother. From the opening whistle, you could tell that the top was about to blow off of the Garden.

Before we saw the hit, the Bruins old foe Alexandre Burrows was once again the instigator of controversy. Burrows retaliated to a slash from Shawn Thornton by sticking his stick up toward Thorntons throat. Mass chaos ensued, as Thornton would take on 7 Canucks players before Bruins players were able to step in. Then we would see Nathan Horton square off with Dale Weise.

After all this chaos the game would move foreward till about 1:16 remaining, where Marchand “clips” the Canucks Sami Salo. Now we saw a similar hit from Marchand during the Stanley Cup finals from Marchand. This raises the question why the suspension now.

The reason why for now is because Marchand is a repeat offender. Marchand has been guilty of clipping and of elbowing in the past. I understand the suspension, but the consistency of the NHL is really no where to be found in the explanation.

I asked A.J. Friday, fellow Bruins fan and senior at FHS his thoughts about the hit.

“It wasn’t a cheap shot, but it was a bad hit. Marchand is too good to be doing something dumb like this. If he wants to be an elite player in the league, he needs to really cut this stuff out.”

I do agree with Friday, but if clipping can get you a 5 game suspension, what about biting. We all remember the bite heard around the world during the finals, when Alexandre Burrows tried to take a chunk of Patrice Bergerons finger.

But now as the Bruins skate this coming weekend, remember when the B’s need a spark there is no Marchand to give the team a lift.