Kevin Faulk Says Goodbye To The NFL

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

Tuesday October 9, 2012, at an emotional news conference in Foxboro Ma, Kevin Faulk, 36, former patriots player, announced his retirement. A beloved running back for the Pats since 1999, who came from a college career at LSU says goodbye to his football days.

“The fondest memories right now for me, because it’s fresh, was walking into the locker room each and every day and saying, ‘Good morning,’ to a different person and them understanding your feelings,” Kevin Faulk says as he speaks of his favorite time.

His speech consisted of tears, showing he is a real man. His happy memories brought emotion to his speech as he remembered all the good and thought of how it was truly coming to an end.

The patriots have a brotherhood Faulk explains and this connection is what he will miss the most. Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork express the same feeling in a video showed during the ceremony.

Last season Kevin only played in seven games. However he helped win the 2002, 2004 and 2005 super bowls. Faulk leaves the team as the club’s career leader in all-purpose yards with 12,349 along with kick return yards with 5,041.

Everyone speaks highly of Faulk making it seem as if he is truly a good guy.

“Kevin Faulk helped define the way an entire generation of Patriots fans have come to view and appreciate our brand of football,” said Patriots chairman Robert Kraft. 

“Kevin was just so adept at figuring out his role [and] doing it to the very best that he could. Whatever his role was, no one did it better than Kevin. He was the ultimate team player, the hardest worker, always well prepared,” proud coach Bill Belichick said as he spoke fondly of Faulk.

Football is not just a sport to Faulk it is a lifestyle. He not only has learned to be a better athlete over the years but a better person. He wishes his football career wasn’t ending so soon but he thanked his late mother saying she was the reason he could have had such an incredible football experience.

”Play it by ear. I’m not trying to dive into anything. I already have tuff going on that’s preparing me. I’m not trying to move fast. Let God take his course.” Faulk says as his life goes on past his football career.