Wrestling Team Tackles Cancer

Wrestling Team Tackles Cancer

Hannah Daly

The wrestling team has had up close and personal battles with cancer many times in the past couple years. This year the boys team has decided to shave their heads to show support to the people in the lives most affected by it.

“The wrestling team–they’ve had connections with cancer over the years. Their coaches wife has battled breast cancer, years ago.” Begins Mrs. Gannon “Shes back now battling breast cancer again. They lost one of their coaches… to melanoma. He was 25 years old when he died of melanoma.”

“Devin and Colin Brady’s mom she has breast cancer. And to show support to the wrestling coach’s wife, and to the Brady’s mom, back in September there was about 15 or 20 boys that shaved their heads.” continues Gannon.

“To support the two moms, with there fight with breast cancer… Because… you feel hopeless. There’s nothing that you can to do to help that person. Now their mom, the twins mom, she was going to shave her own head.” continues Gannon “And they stood right by her. She was the last one. All the boys did it, and she did hers at the end. You know, she sat down and started to cry. And they all stayed right there with her.”

“That was their way of showing… You know you might be battling this, but we’re gonna be here with you and for you.”

“Our team has been really affected by it… Our coach [Jeff Parker] passed away a couple years ago from melanoma. My mom got diagnosed the second day of school this year… It was a team decision… we all joined together and shaved our heads.” Says Devin Brady who continued on to say that about 25, a good majority, of the team has participated.

“It gives us more inspiration and motivation to win” says Joey Fournier about how the experience has effected him and his team.

“We aren’t like a team, we’re more of a family” agrees Franklin High junior Ryan Creavin, who agreed that they are winning for something now.

How does this change the purpose for year?


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