Patriots on the Road to the AFC Championship!

Samantha Stratton

The New England Patriots are on their way to the AFC Championship game this weekend!

The Patriots had a thrilling game against the Houston Texans

this past Sunday, January 13th. The Patriots took the lead within the first quarter and never let the Texans get ahead of them anytime throughout the game!

Both of the Texans and the Patriots had the same exact record, (12-4-0), making this game very evenly matched. With the final score of the game being 41-28 the Patriots clearly owned the field.

But what does this mean for our beloved Patriots? This means that this Sunday, January 20th, the Patriots will be playing the Baltimore Ravens at Gillette stadium in Foxborough! Home field advantage for the Patriots!

If the Patriots win this game than they will be headed straight to the Superbowl! The Ravens current record is 12-6-0 which is close to the Patriots record but our team still has done better!

This years Superbowl is on February 3rd and going to be at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA.