Brandon Bass is Definitely Valuable

Zak Borrelli, Writer

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As the 2013-2014 NBA season began there were not many definites for the Boston Celtics. Rondo definitely would not be available to start the season, Paul Pierce and KG were definitely not walking through that door, and this season would definitely be interesting to say the least. With a “rebuilding” season under way Celtics fans (nor the team itself for that matter) did not know what to expect. One thing that has surprised me early in this season is the play of veteran forward Brandon Bass.

When Bass was traded to the Celtics in December of 2011 for Glen “Big Baby” Davis (and Von “Nilla” Wafer) he had pretty big shoes to fill. Davis, although thought of by many as inconsistent and immature, was a great 6th man for the team at the time. He rebounded, took charges, provided a low post option, and could even hit the mid range shot (although as many fans will recall, not consistently).

Bass’s integration to the Green team was seamless, even as fans compared his game to Davis’s. Where Big Baby would get stuffed after attempting to put back an offensive rebound, Bass would power his way up past defenders and dunk the ball. Bass is also an absolute sniper from mid range, showcasing his awkward yet extremely effective jumper. His play would eventually have him as the teams starting Power Forward, moving Kevin Garnett to Center (much to his dismay).

In the more recent seasons we have seen a great amount of growth from Brandon Bass. No longer just pick and pop and midrange jump shooter, Bass has taken his game to a whole nother level. He now attacks the rim aggressively (just ask Brook Lopez) and has become a much more willing passer, shedding the “no pass Bass” nickname.

Besides the posterizing dunks, the one aspect of Bass’s game that has improved the most is his defense. Bass has always had the upper body strength and foot speed to guard his man, but it was not until he came to the Celtics that he learned from Kevin Garnett and became a great help defender.

We’ve even seen Bass guard LeBron James during the playoffs, he has the tools to succeed in this because of his great strength and foot speed.

Bass has assumed the role of the defensive leader of this squad, when you watch the games you can see it. He’s constantly behind the first line of defense ready to come help if someone gets beat.

With all this being said, we are a rebuilding team and if a playoff bound team desperate for more depth were to make an offer for Bass it would be silly for the Celtics to ignore. So how do you feel about Brandon Bass? Is he worth keeping around or should the C’s look to trade him when his value is the highest?

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