World Record Breaking Strength Coach

Colton Cardinal

Franklin High School Strength Coach Liane Blyn broke the women’s power lifting world record bench last week in Columbus Ohio.

As Liane set out for  Columbus on the 28th of February she shared how she was feeling.

“I am confident in my abilities and curious to see how I do compared to the rest of the competition”.

Blyn began the competition on the squat. She squatted 479 and 507 pounds but misses a 523 pound squat due to a depth call.

“The judges at the competition were very critical in their depth calling, but that was expected”, said Blyn.


After all competitors completed the squat portion they moved onto the bench. Blyn set a new Masters World record at 388 pounds and merely missed the Open World record at 398 pounds.

The fun didn’t stop there, the competition then moved onto the dead lift portion. Blyn dead-lifted 462 and 479 pounds but missed a 501 pound dead-lift towards the top of the lift.

“I almost had the 501, just a few more inches and I was there” said Blyn when asked about the attempt.

Finally the main event occurred on the second day of the competition.  It was one rep bench press again. Blyn put 402 pounds on the bar.

“I took a deep breath and I visioned myself doing it and then went for it” said Blyn when asked what was running through her mind moments before the lift.

Then after Blyn took her deep breath she grabbed the bar and benched the 402 pounds resting on above her,  breaking the new women’s world record for the bench press.