Andrew Parent: a Surge of Success

Andrew Parent: a Surge of Success

Andrew Parent proves to be the star of this season of FHS football

Jack Sameski, Writer

His speed will leave an entire defense gasping for air. His agility will have a cornerback wondering how he didn’t make that tackle. His strength and  sheer power will put a linebacker on his back. His hands, well, his hands will catch any pass that is even remotely close to him.

Andrew Parent has proven to be a force on the field for the Franklin Panthers in their 2014 varsity football campaign.

As a running back and wide receiver for the team, Parent has been of substantial value to the offense, playing a role in all parts of the offensive scheme. At times, you may even see him taking snaps at quarterback in a “wildcat” formation.

Through the first four games, Parent’s success has come in large quantity, and that is explicitly seen through his statistics in just four games. With 363 rushing yards and 100 receiving yards, Parent has seen the end zone a whopping 9 times. He has been very efficient on the ground and through the air, averaging 8.3 yards per carry and 25 yards per reception.

In the Panthers’ battle against New Bedford, Parent made a highlight reel for himself. In the hard fought 43 to 36 loss, he carried the ball for 211 yards on just 14 carries, averaging nearly 15.1 yards per carry. Parent was also able to score three touchdowns in this game.

Andrew Parent’s defensive capabilities are also evident through his 14.5 total tackles and 1 interception.

This success that Andrew Parent has shown has come with more than just pure talent, but utter dedication and downright hard work. Although hindered with a broken hand in July, Parent worked through this injury in a resilient manner. When asked about his preparation for the 2014 season, Parent stated, “I worked out all winter and through the summer, working out about 5 days a week. I did running drills and lifted a lot”. As we have seen so far this season, this pre-season development paid off.

Along with his preparation, Parent did not hesitate in giving immense credit to his teammates. As he puts it, “I’ve been so successful this year because we have a big line and they are blocking great… The wideouts are blocking tremendously on the perimeter and that really helps outside runs”.

Parent, in a very humble manner, specifically wanted to recognize “Sam Harrell, Connor Anderson, Jake Garrity, Luke Gordon, Sean Tetrault and Ben Chaffee” for the work they have put in and the great contributions they have made this season. Sean Tetrault, Parent’s teammate, stated that he “loves having Andrew around, and has enjoyed playing football with him from even a young age”.

Daevon Weathers has also played extremely well thus far, rushing for 289 yards and 1 touchdown. As Andrew Parent states, “Having Daevon [Weathers] in the backfield with me is great. We are a one-two punch”. And as we have seen this season, a “one-two punch” is an understatement.

It is conspicuous and indubitable in every way; Andrew Parent plays with such passion and heart that it is nearly impossible to break his stride. As the Panthers continue their 2014 season, keep an eye on Parent, as there is only room for more success to come.