Things are about to get Chili


Chili Davis stands next to Red Sox Manager John Farrell during his time on the A’s

Nicholas Burgos, Editor

The Red Sox have hired Chili Davis to be their hitting coach for the upcoming season. Who is Chili Davis? Well he has been one of the most successful hitting coaches in the past three years. Have you heard about a team called the Oakland A’s?

The A’s have posted the highest offensive totals in the past three years all thanks to this man. Unknown players have become household names, for example, Josh Donaldson. When he broke into the MLB in 2010 he only batted .156 but when he came back in 2012 under Chili Davis he improved his average to .289, .301 (2013), and .255 (2014). He proved to be an important asset to the A’s organization because his Offensive Wins Above Replacement (oWAR) was 6.6 and 5.0 (2013- 2014). He had 52 and 43 more runs than the average MLB player. This is the type of man Chili Davis was able to make.

“Chili Davis!” exclaimed Franklin High Grad and Townie Mario Colace, “that name warms up my insides!” I spoke with Mario about the new hitting coach and he was elated about it to say the least. “Now hopefully they can focus on signing Cespedes back and work with all the younger players to make them better than before… I’m really looking forward to next season”.

Mario is one of many Red Sox fans who are eager to get to next year and I don’t blame him. With promises of big spending and the signing of Chili Davis, the Red Sox look like they’re ready to go out like it’s 2013 all over again.