Boys Soccer Team Having a Strong Season

Mike Bennett

Franklin boys soccer has come out of the gates strong this season, with a record of ten wins, one loss, and four ties.

Lead by coach Fran Bositis, and captains Tim LaRowe, Cal Harmon, and Ben LaBelle, they have all been able to keep this team together and perform very strong. By sticking together, the Panthers have had a strong offense that has scored 28 goals this season and a ferocious defense that seems that nothing can get by, only letting five goals up all season. It is very hard not to be successful with those numbers.

James Fredrick said this team’s success is due to: “The hard work that we put in during the pre-season.” The team has kept the same motto for the last few years, hard work and determination. “We just work hard and get stuff done,” said Tim LaRowe.

Both LaRowe and Fredrick believe that the team is so strong because there: “Is no one star player.” Tim found that they are: “Deeper than any team.”

When the team is caught in many tough situations throughout a game, the team has fought through those obstacles by not turning against each other and blaming other people for their mistakes.

Fredrick believes the toughest team to play was Xavierian. “They played exactly like us, but when they had space in the middle they would play balls over the top,” he said. LaRowe believes Oliver Ames was the toughest team: “Not just because it was our first loss,” he said. “We really weren’t ready for it.”

“We play the best soccer 20 minutes into a game,” said LaRowe. Fredrick and LaRowe both agree the team plays their best when they calm down and start moving the ball around.

With being on top of the Hockomock league standing, they have been able to stay in that position to win their fourth straight Hockomock title.