End of an Era

Maria LaVie

As fall approaches its end, many sports seasons do as well. Seniors, especially, face the sadness of their final moments on the fields.

Senior soccer player, James Fredrick, recently finished his last season as a varsity soccer player. As a dedicated teammate Fredrick stated:

“I am going to miss the camaraderie that I had every single day with my team. I think of them as my family and it is really upsetting that I will not be able to play with them for my high school ever again.”

According to Fredrick, the soccer team had an amazing season and all players showed strong enthusiasm toward their team.

When Senior football player, Kyle Collins, was asked about his feelings towards his final football season, he said:

“I am going to miss the brotherhood that me and my teammates shared. I am going to miss not being with my teammates on the field during practice and in games. It’s sad that all the hard work and effort I put into the sport is going to end so abruptly.”

Collins expressed his love for the game as well as his team. His senior varsity football season has been quite the emotional one, and he expects no less from the final Thanksgiving game.

Both Collins and Fredrick have created everlasting bonds throughout their years in Franklin sports.

Despite the end of an era, Collins and Fredrick both plan on keeping a positive outlook as their final steps on the field approach.