March Madness For Dummies

Alyssa Rutkowski, Writer

The month of March is officially over and so is madness as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Division 1 Basketball Championship game commenced.

The match on April 6th, 2015, concluding with a win by Duke over Wisconsin 68 to 63, had college basketball fans on the edge of their couches, leaving the rest of the population in confusion as to what this whole phenomenon was about.

For those who would rather watch cartoons or reality TV shows than basketball games, the method to this madness has been uncovered.

The NCAA Championship, commonly known as “March Madness,” is a single elimination college basketball tournament including 68 teams selected either because they are champions of their conference or by the “Selection Committee.”

These teams are then divided into four regions. Within the regions, the teams are ranked, or “seeded,” based on their performance during the regular basketball season.

The bracket is designed by the Selection committee to pair better teams against the weaker ones and so that they don’t play teams from other conferences until the final rounds.

The tournament was all that basketball fanatics were buzzing about in the halls of Franklin High School, but what do non-sport junkies have to say?

Rose Determan, a Junior at Franklin High School, explains that even though she doesn’t personally follow the tournament, that it’s an easy topic to talk about, even if you don’t understand it.

Determan adds that since it involves colleges, everyone has someone to root for. Whether your sibling attends a participating college, or your parent’s college is in the competition, there’s always a team to cheer on.

Jay DeVincentis, a long time basketball fan, says that he was supporting the North Carolina State Wolfpack, since his brother lives there, and he travels there a lot. However, NC State was unfortunately eliminated in the “Sweet 16” by Louisville.

DeVincentis also describes his findings on the appeal of March Madness, explaining that basketball is one of the most liked sports because it’s easier to understand just by watching, whereas football and other sports have many complications.

You may have missed the chance to delve into the madness this year, but when next March rolls around, you too can join in on the fun.