School Uniforms?

School Uniforms?

As the weather gets warmer, more and more students are arriving to school wearing less than acceptable apparel for school. Everybody knows the six B’s and the S, for the Franklin High School dress code. But incase you do not, here is the low down.








Administrators are cracking down, and on the prowl for inappropriate fashion perpetrators. If an administrator has to speak to you about your attire you will have to cover yourself, even if that results in wearing a sweatshirt on a 90 degree day!

Mr. DiLorenzo states “Franklin High School has a great dress code, and it covers everything for boys and girls. When people don’t follow the dress code it is a huge distraction.  We have to remember this is a place to learn, and when people aren’t appropriately dressed it disrupts the learning process. Students, this is not a night club or the beach, so dress appropriately and cover the six B’s.”

This leads us to wonder if students continue to disregard the dress code will we be subjected to a school uniform? And after all, who looks good in plaid? Dress appropriately, or suffer the consequences.