Blood Donations Can Help Save Lives

Matt Duhamel

Just a week and a half ago I received 7 blood transfusions to replace the blood that I had lost from internal bleeding. It all started suddenly when I fell ill within the matter of a few minutes. I was dizzy, weak and nauseous in just a few moments. I did not know what was going on until I experienced other symptoms later on…symptoms of internal bleeding.
I was very scared and nervous but I knew I needed to get help and go to the emergency room. Once there I had an endoscopy where the doctors found two ulcers. One of the ulcers was large enough to put a hole through an artery which caused me to bleed profusely. By the time I had discovered I was internally bleeding at the hospital, I had already lost half the blood supply in my body.
The doctors immediately started to pump blood back into my body and seven bags/transfusions later my blood count began to improve. I was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for three days and then I remained in the hospital for another two days until I felt strong enough to be discharged on Monday April 5th. The doctors said I was very lucky and that if I was not a healthy 18 year old, I could be in a much worse shape. It is believed that the cause was from medication I was taking two weeks before for the pain from my wisdom teeth extraction. This scary experience has made me realize I am not invincible. I also realized that I am here today because of those who donate blood.
We have a blood drive here at Franklin High School for good reasons. It is because of blood drives like those here at FHS or even through the Red Cross that I am here today writing this article. When you donate blood you help save a life. Everyday people need blood, blood can only come by a volunteer. Those volunteers helped save my life and I am very grateful for that! So when there is another blood drive go out and donate. You never know who may need it…it could be you!