A Scoop for Seniors

Matt Duhamel

As all of the FHS community knows, the seniors won spirit week by a long shot back in November at the Pep Rally.

Winning comes with a reward, especially for the winning class of spirit week.

On Thursday, May 20th during C period the senior class will be called down to the cafeteria to have the reward of an ice cream party.

This year like many years past, the seniors have won spirit week. Many other students from other grades complain and claim the seniors cheat, but in fact, even though the points do not always seem to add up for the seniors, the points do. And seniors come out on top!

According to Mr. Leighton, the seniors do not cheat but indeed really do win and rank up the most points so that the seniors do become victorious. However, not always have the seniors won. In years past, grades other than the seniors have won and enjoyed the luxury of a reward like an ice cream party.

Reasoning for the seniors winning could be because they are the most experienced FHSer’s. Seniors have the most school spirit and involvement in the school/sports compared to any other grade.

For the seniors, school is just nearly over. The ice cream party will be a fun little way to end the year.

Once other students from other grades become seniors, they too will want to win and have the reward of an ice cream party right before they leave.

Keep up with the school spirit FHS!