Spirit Week Dress Days

Serissa Jones

Spirit Week Dress Days start this Friday, November 12th! This year there are eight days of dressing up for Spirit Week. Each day is an opportunity to earn points for your class. For every day DRESS CODE MUST BE FOLLOWED. Dress days for this year include:

Slumber Party Day (Pajama Day) Friday, November 12th

  • Pajama pants/pajama outfit
  • Slippers are allowed but do not count alone

Neon Day Monday, November 15th

  • The MAJORITY of clothing is neon (shirt, pants, tights, etc.)
  • Socks, bandanas, ponytail  holders etc. will not count alone

Lax Bro Day Tuesday, November 16th

  • Sports penny
  • NO lacrosse sticks
  • Sports shorts, crew socks & sandals, and aviators/sunglasses etc. (must have at least 2 to count)

Extreme Weather Day, Wednesday November 17th

  • Dress for New England’s extreme weather, like snow, sleet, hail, wind and rain
  • NO umbrellas
  • Ponchos, jackets, rain boots, winter coats, snow pants, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. (MUST be clear and have at least 2 items related to extreme weather)

Safari Day, Thursday November 18th

  • CLEAR and VISIBLE animal print (more than just shoes)
  • Cargo wear or camouflage
  • Work boots (will not be counted alone)
  • Dress up as a safari animal

Fake Injury Day, Friday November 19th

  • NO wheel chairs or crutches
  • Slings, crutches, cast/boot, brace, beat up makeup etc.
  • Actual injuries will still count
  • One Band-Aid alone will not count

Color Day, Monday November 22nd

  • VISIBLE class color (blue jeans do not count)
  • Freshmen: yellow
  • Sophomore: green
  • Junior: red
  • Senior: blue

Pep Rally White-Out, Tuesday November 23rd

  • Any VISIBLE white (shirts, pants, etc.)
  • Socks do not count

Spirit Week is only once a year! So get creative and dress up to show your school spirit and to earn points for your class!