A New Franklin High School?

On Wednesday night, the School Building Committee unveiled four proposals for renovating or building a new Franklin High School. They are as follows:
Option A – a limited renovation and 8,400-square-foot addition estimated to cost $30.8 million
Option B – an extensive renovation and 14,800-square-foot addition estimated to cost the town $40.8 million
Option C – a custom-built school estimated to cost the town $45.6 million
Option D – a new school based on a Massachusetts School Building Authority model school estimated to cost the town $38.5 million

If the town opted for option D, they would choose from one of three “model” schools: Whitman-Hanson, Ashland, or Hudson. The new school would likely be built on the grass fields between the field house and the turf field. A new school could be built and opened within two years, while a renovation would likely last close to three years.

The Town must pick an option by July. The town would then need to fund a “debt exclusion”, which is a vote by residents to temporarily raise their taxes to pay for the school.

read more about it @ http://www.milforddailynews.com/news/x617855706/Franklin-to-consider-building-new-high-school