The Future Of Franklin High

Connor Donahue & Travis LePage

With the recent release of the well anticipated schedule change, opinions have been flaring. The new schedule change for next year has now added on a seventh period that has been left open for the benefit of the student. Options for this period include a directed study, additional elective, or the new SDLP program. In recent interviews by  the Panthbook Staff, these opinions have been voiced.

Mrs. Gannon, student liaison, says “I think it’s going to be really good!” explaining her stance on the situation. She believes that this new SDLP program will bring productivity and a new unique opportunity for students at FHS.

Andrew Hood a prominent force in the track world and at FHS voices a contrasting opinion. He’s “not a fan” and “like(s) the old better”, not in favor of the new changes for next year. Fearing that he will have to change his plans for the coming year, Hoody does not look forward to altering his senior schedule.

Rachel Cohen is concerned that the “Periods may be too long, but I am happy that we are dropping two classes.”

The student body seems to be skeptical of the change in the future at Franklin High; however, the faculty at FHS supports the change ensuring a bright and progressive future for the school.  The due date for the SDLP application is June 10th and candidates will be notified between June 17th and the 22nd.

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