Ms. Kenney Prepares to Retire after 27 Years

Kyle Bisanti

Miss Kenney a devoted clerical worker from B house she has been here for 27 years and is now leaving Franklin High School. She noted that while principals have come and gone such as Mr. DiLorenzo who is also retiring but she has been here. Back in the year 1983 she was a brand new receptionist and one who received the first desktop computer ever to be used in FHS. Before that, type writers were used but she was the first person to experiment with the computer side of school.

The main thing that Miss Kenney is going to miss is the routine, she always knew basically what was going to happen on any given day. One of her favorite things about Franklin High is the constant interaction with students, faculty, and parents because of the various personalities. Her plan for the summer is to relax and to enjoy the fact that she won’t have to continue getting into school at 5:30 AM every morning.

Everyone that goes by Ms. Kenney please wish her a happy retirement and good luck!