IPods And Class: Are They Really a Distraction?

Jack Corsi

Do IPods really distract students during class?

The answer to that is absolutely not, IPods can help a student focus on their work while listening to some of their favorite genres of music. Some teachers believe that listening to music can help students concentrate while others believe that they are distracting. The only thing that can be distracting is the volume of the devices. Students have shown outrage including myself about these new restrictions against IPods.

Jimmy Henchy, a junior stated that “It’s ridiculous that I can’t listen to my IPod if we are doing quiet work during class. It’s not like I’m listening to my IPod on full blast.” Henchy is right, what’s wrong with listening to music at an acceptable level during time of quiet work. He also stated “Teachers should try to put restrictions on volume of the devices.” Henchy’s point and senior Corey Flynn point are very similar. Flynn stated that “When I listen to my IPod while doing school work helps me focus.”

If the music on our IPods helps us focus then why can’t we listen to them? The student states you can use an IPod in A and B house, during passing time and prior to the start of school. Why not during directed study, if that’s supposed to be a quiet study, why can’t we listen to our IPods? There still hasn’t been a totally clear answer on this, I mean if you can listen to it in A or B house then why not during direct study.