Red Light at C Wing

Maggie Daubenspeck

Ever since one can remember, C wing has possessed the most traffic during passings. There are three doorways to exit and enter through, but it can take three minutes for this to be accomplished.

In main hall, also known to many as the senior’s hall, there is a constant struggle to get to classes surrounding C wing. Students have noticed and some teachers as well. But then why hasn’t the traffic situation been solved?

The pushing, shoving, and shouting of students has reached its breaking point. The simple fact of the matter is: we cannot get to our classes in time because of C wing. Many cannot even stop at their lockers first because they know of the hold up surrounding this wing.

“It’s so annoying trying to get through the mass of people,” says Samantha Stratton. “I never get to my classes in C Wing on time. It needs to change.”

There are three doorways in which one can walk through. The two most used are those directly below the sing marked C Wing. But there is one other located to the right, if standing in the main hall, of the two doorways. All three are being used to get both in and out of classes in this wing. People are squeezing through and pushing others aside just to get to their next class before the five minutes are up and they are marked late.

“Everybody just stands there and nobody moves. It’s like they’re all waiting for something to happen.” James MacLean states. Karley Newton adds, “It doesn’t take 45 minutes to walk downstairs. It’s frustrating.”

Are there any solutions? Some might suggest extended passing time so that everyone is rushing to get to their class and creating a gridlock. This will also give more time for some to go to their lockers and not have to carry around excessive amounts of books.

Another resolution is students not going to class in or around C wing could pass through other halls. Halls such as F, which is almost in the direct center of the school and separates the two main halls, can be used for students trying to get to classes near the front and back ends of the school.

Whatever the end result may be, there is no denying that this situation at C wing must be addressed. What do you think? Are there any fixes for the traffic?