Deca Thrown Under Bus, Breakfast Suffers

Queen B.

 Deca stopped selling breakfast in Franklin High School. Why, well, because the school signed a contract with the new food company that sells lunches in our school.

 The contract allowed the café to not only sell lunch but breakfast as well.

 So what so special about the café’s breakfast verses Deca’s? Nothing is the answer, nothing special at all.

 Katie Hickey, junior at FHS said,

 “They are only selling bagels, breakfast sandwiches and some muffins but no hot beverages. I mean they expect us to have a cold, non toasted bagel with cold milk or juice. What happened to quality”.                 

  Laura Dowd, a senior at FHS commented that

                       “The café’s breakfast does not look too appetizing when I saw it”

 Matt Digiandomenico, senior at FHS, who also takes Deca said,

             “Honestly I like Deca because more people came to the store and we sold lots of things. Our break fast was so much better than the break fast at the café. Our bagels come from Elizabeth, who could top that”?

 I asked Matt, how the decision of café selling breakfast impacted him as a student who takes Deca, he answered that,

             “Deca being closed, I fear that it will cost more money for me to attend state competitions of Deca”.

 Apart from the students who did not like the idea of having Deca closed, Laura Trottie, a senior at FHS, said,

             “I like the café’s breakfast. I had tried their breakfast sandwiches, which were very good”.

 I asked her if there is anything that she did not like about café selling breakfast, she answered

             “There is one problem. The coast of the breakfast at the café is expensive compared to the coast of Deca’s breakfast”.

 So why close Deca, well, so the café could make more money. Our high school is not protecting our own in-school small business.