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FHS and the Fight to Stop Bullying

 Bullying is a widespread problem in schools and communities.

 According to the American Medical Association recent report on a study of over 15,000 6th-10th graders estimates that approximately 3.7 million youths engage in and more that 3.2 million are victims of, moderate or serious bullying each year.

 What is bullying? I, Queen Butahe, work for FHS Panther book, asked random Franklin High Students.

             “Bullying is making someone feel bad about themselves for really no reason at all” said Meghan Barry, a senior at FHS.

 Rachael Stivaletta, senior at FHS, said bullying is

             “Intentionally or unintentionally inflicting someone’s feelings”.

 Other FHS students added that, Bullying is…

 “Putting someone down for no reason” said a FHS student.

  “Taking someone weakness to make others feel bad so the bully would feel secure”.

             “When people are saying and sometimes doing mean things to other people in front of their faces or behind their backs”.

  According to the National Association of School Psychologists bullying is

 “A behavior of directing physical, verbal or psychological aggression or harassment toward others, with the goal of gaining power over or dominating another individual”.

 Why do children and Adolescents become bullies?

 National Association of School Psychologists state that most bullying behavior develops in response to multiple factors in the environment-at home, school and within the peer group.

 Kathryn Mason, junior at FHS, added that

             “Students bully to feel better about themselves”.

 Taylor Buck, senior at FHS and also involved in the Anti-bullying FHS theater production, said

             “Students bully because they are insecure about themselves not knowing that being a bully makes there situation worse to themselves and through their peers’ eyes”.

 Sarah Carlisle, senior at FHS also evolved in Ant-bullying FHS theater production, concluded that

 “People bully others because they are jealous”.

 Like any other high school,Franklin High School has some problems amongst its students.

 The students’ opinions concerning bullying issue are spread out from those who strong agree that bullying is a prevalent issue in FHS that needs to be stopped to compare to those who say that there is no bullying in FHS.

 Dr. Moilanen, one of the FHS therapists, said that

             “20-25% of the students that I see are victims of bullying”.

 According to the National Association of School Psychologists stated that bullying is a most common form of violence in our society; between 15% and 30% of students are bullies or victims. It also adds that between 1994 and 1999, 51 causalities were the result of multiple death events. Bullying is often a factor in school related deaths.

 Zack Pisani, a senior at FHS and also one of the students doing ant-bullying show for theater, said,

                       “Bullying is an issue at FHS. I have witnessed many types of scenery when students are bullied, especially in sports”.

             “In fact, I have been a bully and a victim of bullying as well” He added.

 Not only Zack is both a bully and a victim of bully, Taylor Buck, senior at FHS, said,

             “I have bullied and I have been bullied as well”.

 Julianne Stanaley, senior at FHS said

             “I have wittiness somebody being bullied or made fun off because they were different”.

 Alicia Wilder, senior at FHS, stated that

 “Bullying is a strong issue in FHS that needs to stop specially bullying that goes on in lower classmen”.

             “I have never been bullied but I have witnessed many students being bullied”.

 Mrs. Cerce, head of Heath Department in FHS and an advisor of the Anti-bullying club in FHS, said

             “I know that bullying is an issue in FHS because of the survey Metrowest Adolescent Heath survey showed that 1/3 of the students have being bullied or bully, although it does not appear alarming”.

 Why do some children and adolescents become victims of bullying?

 According to National Association of School Psychologists,, victims signal to others that they are insecure, primarily passive and will not retaliate if they are attacked. Consequently, bullies often target children who complain, appear physically or emotionally weak and seek attention from peers.

 Jeffery Roy, junior at FHS, answered that

             “Students get bullied because they are different from the rest and because they are weak”.

 How can one protect themselves from being victims of bully?

 According to Irene Vander Zande, kidpower executive director for 14 years , there are 8 skills kids can use to face bullying,

             “Walking with awareness, calm and confidence, leaving ion a powerful, positive way, setting a boundary, using your voice, protecting your feelings from name, speak up or inclusion, being persistent in getting help, and using physical self-defense as a last resort”.

 The National Association of School Psychologists advice the schools to advocate school-wide prevention programs that promote a positive school and community climate.

 Franklin High School Theater Department hosts an ant-bullying show each year to reduce and finally end bullying in FHS.

 Sarah Carlisle, advised her fellow students to

             “Realize that they are not alone. They should speak out about bullying and try to not pay attention to the nonsense they talk about because they do not know you”.

 Mrs. Waters, theater teacher in FHS, said

             “I have being doing ant-bullying show in Franklin High School for the past 15 years that I have being teaching inFranklin High School. I see that all my students have their own problems that they deal with day to day. My mission is to make students realize it is not worth to ruin each other’s day. They should grow up and get along well”.

 Taylor Buck said,

             “Anti-bullying Theater production brings a message across. Things and stories that we tell in ant-bullying show are very important and they do touch many students. I myself have being a better person because of the ant-bullying show. From hearing what my other fellow students have gone through, ha forced me to understand other people’s situations better. Why ruin someone’s day while you can make it?”.

 Mrs. Cerce said,

             “I started this club to Net-educate, which is teaching students how to act responsible on line, since most of the bullying happens online”.

 However, not every student in FHS thinks that bullying is a problem in FHS.

 Jeffery Roy said,

             “I have not seen any type of bullying for the two years I have being here in FHS”.

 Other students said that,

             “We do not see students get bullied at FHS”.

 Although the opinions about bullying issue in FHS are divided, according to TKF (Tariq Khamisa Foundation) the facts  about bullying are that

 “16 young people are murdered on average day in U.S.A. Homicide is the second leading cause of deaths for young people between the ages of 10-24 years old. These are more deaths than those from HIV, Cancer Heart diseases and suicide combined”.

 What are you doing about it?