Elizabeth Warren

John Ballarino, Political Analyst

Elizabeth Warren is running as a democrat against incumbent Scott Brown to represent Massachusetts in the senate. She is a well known champion for consumer protection, and has written many successful books on the subject. She has a very academic background, having taught law at Harvard, among other things.

In the polls, she is tied with Brown

Elizabeth warren was born a poor Native American child of a janitor and a Sears phone-answerer. Some stuff happened, and they got poorer. In high school she was nicknamed “Oklahoma’s top high-school debater”, which shows that her classmates were really bad at picking nicknames.

At 16, she received a scholarship at George Washington University for her debate skills, intending to become a teacher. Two years later, she dropped out in order to marry her husband, Jim Warren (a NASA engineer). Some more stuff happened, and she got a law degree, and began teaching law.

She was part over the congressional oversight committee tasked with implementation of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, which was important. She went on to lobby for the creation of the Consumer Protection Bureau, and well… I’ll let Jon Stewart explain how that went.

She is liberal, and running for senate in Massachusetts

Now she is running for senate, and you should vote for her because liberals are cool. If you want more information, visit wikipedia.