Prescribing Suicide

“Death with Dignity” or question 2 is a law proposed that would allow a physician licensed in Massachusetts to prescribe a medication to a terminally ill patient that will end their life. To qualify for this medication, the patient must be an adult who is mentally capable of making this decision, and has been diagnosed with a disease that give them six months or less to live.

Although it is a tough topic to discuss, and many people are against this, I believe that this bill should be passed.

Not only does the patient have to express their wish to take this medication one time, but fifteen days later they must make the same decision. Their also needs to be two witnesses present when the patient signs the forms permitting the medication. One of the witnesses present must not be a relative of the patient, a beneficiary of the patients estate, or an employee of the  health care facility where the patient receives treatment.

“A person who is terminally ill and is guaranteed death has every right to decide that they want to end their life peacefully” says Alyssa Daly, a senior at Franklin High school.

If a person does not want to suffer from the illness they have, they would like to die with dignity, and in the comfort of their own home with people they love, they should have every right too.

Some worries are that this could be done without the permission of the patient. This is beyond preventable because forcing a patient to take this, of if a request by a patient to not take this is concealed, the punishments include imprisonment and/or fines.

This law prohibits use of euthanasia, lethal injection, or mercy killing.

In conclusion, this should be passed allowing a terminally ill patient to end their own life on their own terms, as well as die in comfort and peace.

Would you vote yes on this proposed bill?


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